Jan Haasbroek Skietbaan

26°41'19.8"S 28°03'10.3"E

Directions - Aanwysings:

  • Head East on Barrage Road/R42.
  • Continue for 11,9km.
  • Turn right onto Victoria Ave/R82.
  • Turn left onto Mario Milani Dr.
  • Continue onto General Hertzog Rd.
  • Turn right onto Maribou Main Road/R54.
  • Continue onto R54 for 6,9km.
  • Destination on Right.


Spider Valley Shooting Range

26°42'14.7"S 27°54'47.4"E

Directions - Aanwysings:

From Vanderbijlpark.Via Barrage Rd/R42

  • Take Barrage Rd/R42 turn right onto Ascot on Vaal Rd.
  • Turn left onto Mario Milani Dr.
  • Continue for 3,5km.
  • Destination on Left.

From Vereeniging.Via Old Johannesburg Rd/R82 and Mario Milani Rd

  • Head Southwest on Vlakfontein Rd towards Langrand Rd.
  • Continue on Langrand Rd take Old Johannesburg Rd/R82 to Mario Milani Dr.
  • Continue for 15,5km.
  • Destination on Right.


Ingwe Lodge

26°45'21.0"S 27°44'48.1"E

Directions - Aanwysings:

  • From Vereeniging via R42 and Skippie Botha.
  • Take Langrand Road to Skippie Botha Rd.
  • Continue on Skippie Botha, take Steve Tshete Str  and R42 to 4th Ave Nanescol AH Vanderbijlpark.
  • Continue on 4th Ave to Theoville AH.
  • Follow Ravel Str to Victor Tucker Ave.
  • Turn left onto Victor Tucker Ave.
  • Destination on Left.

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