Published on 21 April 2011

The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 with its regulations, provides for dedicated members of an Accredited Hunting Association to be certified as Dedicated Hunters and Dedicated Sports Persons by that Association. For this they are required to have successfully completed the relevant training and assessment. This certification allow you certain rights. We pride ourselves at the Vaal Triangle Branch, where you are able to receive some of the best training and learning abilities, thus improving yourself in the field of hunting and shooting.


The Vaal Triangle Branch has a very flexible training program for SA Hunters’ members and offer the following training courses:-

Dedicated Hunter training courses:
This course is normally run during a weekend starting on a Friday evening at 18:00 to about 20:30 and then continuing on the Saturday and Sunday morning or over three evenings a week from 18:00 to 10:00.  After completion of the training course, the delegates are required to complete a simple shooting test which is done at the Hippo Creek Shooting Centre outside Vanderbijlpark.

Dedicated Sports Person training courses:
This course is usually run on a Saturday morning from 08:00 to about 12:00. The course consists of a Powerpoint presentation after which a written examination is completed.

Range Officer training courses:
SA Hunters Head Office has recently issued the new SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association Range Officers’ training course which will be offered by the Vaal Triangle Branch to all members of the SA Hunters Association.  More details will be available on this course soon.
The dedicated courses offered are all in line with the South African Police Service Firearm Control Act (Act 60 of 2000). For more information regarding the various training courses that the Vaal Triangle Branch offer, please feel free to contact the following.
Please contact the Branch Assistance at 0724927495 to put your name on a waiting list.



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